Health Care Reform & the UMC

by Jacob Juncker

While I am hesitant to turn this blog into a place where we discuss politics.  I do want to offer some help for those who are curious about what The United Methodist Church says about Health Care.

Health Care for All in the United States (Resolution #3201 from the Book of Resolutions)

While the Book of Resolutions is not doctrinal and binding–it does define the social stances of The United Methodist Church.  I tend to agree with this resolution which means…the bill that passed into law this week didn’t go far enough.  There are still 23 million people who will remain uninsured in this country.  And, guess what, the biggest part of that 23 million is the poorest of the poor in this country (c.f. NPR article).

Just so we’re clear, I’m not one that usually gets too involved in politics, especially on issues like this one.  I believe that the people of God, the Church (the very body of Christ active in the world today), are called to live into the Kingdom of God: establishing it here on earth.  That means that I think the church should find ways of meeting the needs of the world…not the government.  So, I guess the question really is: how will the church provide care for the 23 million the government is neglecting?

Note: I don’t want to discuss politics on this blog.  There are other blogs where politics are discussed.  I am interested in how you think the church should respond to Healthcare Reform.  What do you think about the Church’s stance (Resolution #3201)?  What do you think the Church can do to provide care to those who are neglected in our society?