Faithlink Discussion: Stress and Faith

by Jacob Juncker

Stress changes the way I act.  Mild, manageable, “good” stress, motivates and organizes me to get things done.  Overwhelming stress has a negative impact on my behavior.  It really does make me “act  weird.” 

I find myself most stressed when I’m tired.  I am short with people.  My internal filters click off.  I overeat.  Generally, when I’m overly stressed, I’m not pleasant to be around.  If I have to be around people when I’m stressed, I am usually quiet and task oriented (when the tasks are done, I usually jump ship to a place of solitude). 

When I find myself overwhelmed and stressed out, I find quiet times of self-reflection and relaxation most helpful.  Retreating to a quiet room alone where I can stretch out and close my eyes, helps sort out my thoughts in ways that words cannot.

Stress is a common thing that we all have to deal with.  We all deal in different ways, but we all must deal.  Faith can help.  Faith can provide hope in the midst of dark times.  Faith can keep us grounded when all is chaotic.  In the Primitive Physick, or An Easy and Natural Method of Curing, John Wesley’s most widely read publication, Wesley explains that the best cure for any disorder of the “passions’ is the love God.  I couldn’t agree more.

The love of God, as it is the sovereign remedy of all miseries, so in particular it effectually prevents all the bodily disorders the passions introduce, by keeping the passions themselves within due bounds; and by the unspeakable joy and perfect calm serenity and tranquility it gives the mind; it becomes the most powerful of all the means of health and long life.

John Wesley, Primitive Physick, or An Easy and Natural Method of Curing

 Rely on God and may you live a long, stress-less life!