Annual Conference 2010, Day I

by Jacob Juncker

Well, I’ve made it to conference.  The agenda for the next several days can be found here.  If you would like to see what’s going on, all large (lay & clergy) plenary sessions (teaching, worship, and business sessions) will be webcast live.  To watch click here.

The first teaching session has begun.  Bishop Schnaze is talking about his book, Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations.  You can check out the website here.  If you’ve read the book and/or gone through the Bible study, this is going to sound pretty familiar.  If you have not read his book, I’d encourage you to do so.

The premise of his book is that healthy, “fruitful” congregations, have five practices in common: radical hospitality, passionate worship, intentional faith development, risk-taking mission and service, and extravagant generosity.  The book is more than just a prescription for failing churches.  Used appropriately, this book can transform not only the church, but one’s life.  I often wonder what it would look like if we lived lives that were radically hospitable, where we worshipped passionately, intentionally developed our faith, took risk-taking mission and gave of ourselves (all that we are) extravagantly to God and others.  These practices are challenging: but they lead to wholeness in corporate and personal life.  I hope you’ll join us (the Annual Conference) in taking up these practices.