Annual Conference, Day IV

by Jacob Juncker

I was commissioned today.  Not quite sure how to explain it.  An anaology of professorship may be helpful.  Today I was “brought in” like an associate professor who is working toward tenure in a university.  In three years I will be “tenured” (ordained) as an elder in The United Methodist Church. 

Sometimes I find it hard to find the words to explain the situation; therefore, I submit these pictures to explain the solemnity and joy I experienced today.

Far from being an “end,” commissioning is just the beginning.  God knows how far I’ve come and how far we will journey together.

Today I was urged on by the love of Christ and strengthened by the Holy Spirit.  I went to declare in public my desire to live out the covenant made at my baptism by binding myself to the service of God under the supervision of the bishop and the guidance of ordained colleagues, and by being appointed to share as a servant leader in the body of Christ.

Adapted from the 2010 Indiana Annual Conference Celebration of Ministry Service 

God has surely blessed me this day.  May I be ever faithful in living out my call in service to both God and neighbor.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in my ministry.  God knows that without your support, I probably would not have heard God’s call.  You are a blessing to me.

I also want to say thank you to my wife, Chandra, who has been a constant companion on my ministry journey.  I am a better man and pastor because of her support and love.  I love you, babe!

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