Faithlink Discussion: Texting and Faith

by Jacob Juncker

Texting is something I’m not all that good at.  However, I recently received a new phone with quirty keyboard.  Texting is now a breeze.  In fact, it was one of the primary ways I communicated with friends at/during Annual Conference…and I wasn’t the only one.  During one of the reports for youth/young adult ministries, the speaker (a 40-some year old guy) said, “there must be quite a few youth and young adults out there who know me because my phone hasn’t stop vibrating, receiving text messages sense I got up on stage.”  Texting is a primary means of communicating whether we like it or not; and, the church needs to find ways of harnessing the technology so that it can be used to build up the kingdom of God.  If we are serious about reaching new generations (not necessarily just younger people) for Christ we will have to learn to speak in a language using a medium that they are comfortable engaging.

A few years ago, a contest was held for the best text version of the Lord’s Prayer.  The winning entry looks like this:

dad@hvn,ur spshl.we want wot u want@urth2b like hvn.giv us food&4giv r sins lyk we 4giv uvaz.don’t test us!save us!bcos we kno ur boss,ur tuf&ur cool 4 eva!ok?

I invite you to comment on this prayer.  Write your own text message prayer using no more than 160 characters (including spaces).  The prayer should express your feelings about the use of technology in one’s faith practice.  It could also be a prayer for the church as it seeks to communicate in a new language with a new generation.