Faithlink Discussion: Consumer Safety

by Jacob Juncker

I was listening to NPR last night when a report came on to talk about the number of tree limbs that have fallen in Central Park (New York City, NY).  Last week, a woman was seriously injured and her child killed due to a tree limb that snapped off the tree landing on the two of them.  The reporter asked people in Central Park if they felt “safe” walking through the park now.  She then followed up with, what do you think should be done?  One guy she interviewed said that if the trees in Central Park are dangerous to people, they should all be cut down.


It amazes me how reactionary we are toward “safety” when we’re largely ignorant of the processes that give us what we use.  When things are perceived as dangerous, we are all too eager to “cut down all the trees in the forest,” just to be safe.  Don’t get me wrong, governmental agencies that oversee consumer safety are important.  We don’t need kids nibbling on lead-paint coated toys or drinking from cadmium rimmed glasses.  But, governments will never be able to legislate against accidents and stupidity.

We all need to be proactive in looking out for our own safety.  We should cut our own mini-blind chords (Chandra and I had to to become licenced foster parents).  We should not drink too hot of coffee while driving our cars (you might burn your crotch! and stain your shirt!).  We each bear some responsibility for our own safety.

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