Faithlink Discussion: Flood Disaster in Pakistan

by Jacob Juncker

Rather than write a big long post.  I want to truly invite you into the discussion with some questions:      

Why do you think relief has been slow to get to Pakistan?      

Could it be that aid has been slow to come from this country because of religious and political differences?  If this is the case, what role does the church need to play in building bridges?      

Let the conversation begin…comment below. 
It should go without say, but be respectful.      

Let’s pray:   

O God, we pray for the people of Pakistan in this time of great need.  And we pray for ourselves. Open our eyes to see the need in that distant land. Open our ears to hear your call to love our neighbor, those in need who are both near to us and far from us. And open our hearts to respond.  We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, the Hope of the world. Amen.
from Faithlink: Connecting Faith and Life,volume 16, number 23, October 3, 2010 (Nashville: Cokesbury, 2010)

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