Faithlink Discussion: Spiritual Practices During Lent

by Jacob Juncker

Far from being yet another observance on the Christian calendar, Lent is a practice.  It is proactive.  Unlike Pentecost when we celebrate the birth of the church through the coming of the Holy Spirit or even Advent as we wait expectantly for the coming Christ child, Lent is a series of practices that help us, like Christ make it through the wilderness to a place where we are not only closer to God but more willing to serve God (c.f. Mark 1:12-13, Luke 4:1-14, Matthew 4:1-11).

Traditional Lenten practices include prayer, fasting and (alms)giving.   If you would like to know why a little bit more about these practices, check out the video below by Fr. Robert Barron.

I hope that you’ll consider adding these practices to your spiritual life over the next 40+ days.  Pray. Fast. Give.  If you need practical advise, check out this Lenten calendar which gives suggestions for praying, fasting and giving each day.  Don’t worry, this isn’t another stuffy devotional.  It’s actually pretty interesting, contemporary and relevant.  I’m going to try it.  Won’t you?

How are you doing more than observing? how are you practicing Lent this year?