Faithlink Discussion: North Africa and the Middle East: Calls for Change

by Jacob Juncker

As I read this week’s Faithlink, I couldn’t help but think of some questions.  Don’t read into these questions.  They are simply questions.  What I find in my personal faith journey is that questions often lead me to a deeper encounter of God and expression of my faith.  Answers and statements are great, but they can be limiting and even hinder the Spirit(?).  Here are some of my questions in regards to the situation in North Africa and the Middle East:

There is no doubt that social media played, and continues to play, an important role in organizing protesters in North Africa, the Middle East and even in the United States.  What can the church learn from the way social media is being used to promote change in the world?  How do social media sites like Facebook create new barriers between people? How do social media sites like Facebook tear down barriers between people?

What is the Christian’s place in governmental protests?  If all authority comes from God–and, disobeying governing authorities means being disobedient to God–are protesters sinning?  See Romans 13:1-7.  Are oppressive governments appointed by God?  Is “good” and “wrong” really defined by the state (verses 3-5 seem to imply that governing authorities are not oppressive toward what is good)?  Was Hitler appointed by God? Saddam Hussein? Does God make mistakes when “appointing” governing authorities?  If no, does God will humanity to be inhumane?  If yes…how the heck could an all-knowing God make a mistake?  Did Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi sin against God by standing up to governing authorities?

What questions do you have? 

Don’t be afraid to question.  Questions are good.  They are disruptive.  They challenge us to be transformed that we might transform the world!


 Dear God, disrupt our lives and meet us in the questions!