INUMC Annual Conference: Day 1 Review

by Jacob Juncker

The third session of the Indiana Annual Conference is underway.  At the clergy (executive) session we celebrated and discussed many things.  Here are some highlights:

  • we celebrated the ministry of over 40 retirees.  Their collective ministry experience added up to over 1,000 years of service.
  • we welcomed 24 ordinands (20 elders, 4 deacons)
  • we welcomed 4 provisional members (3 elders, 1 deacon)
  • we talked about church vital signs and celebrated the opportunity to set and achieve goals for our churches.  A big goal celebrated this year by the annual conference is a net increase in membership and worship attendance conference wide! The United Methodist Church in Indiana has grown both in membership from 197,349 to 200,602 members and weekly worship attendance from 116,737 to 117,750.  Praise be to God, that’s something to be excited about!
  • we celebrated a culture of call and heard a powerful testimony by Rev. Kent Millard.

Clergy session is one of my favorite parts of annual conference.  It is a powerful thing to be in a room with over 500 clergy who are doing there best to serve God and the congregations/communities under their care.  Over 500 clergy who have been called by God into full-time ministry.  Each call is different.  Each call is life-altering.  We, the clergy, were challenged to be energized by our own stories of call and encouraged to have conversations with those we think God might be calling into ministry.  There are several at Christ UMC (Lafayette, IN)  that have exhibited tremendous gifts for ministry. I’m feeling energized tonight and excited about talking with them.  Do you know of people who might be called?  Are you feeling called?

If you think God might be calling you or you have questions about what it means to be called into ministry, I invite you to go to  I’d also be happy to chat with you.  Shoot me an email by clicking here (you will be directed to a feedback form that will be sent to my email).

The 2011 Indiana Annual Conference Plenary Sessions is held in Emens Auditorium at Ball State University in Muncie, June 9-11.  The plenary session will be web streamed live here.  To test your equipment, click here.  You can find the Annual Conference news and the agenda here.