Fathlink Discussion: Beauty

by jacobjuncker

Reading this week’s Faithlink on beauty, I couldn’t help but think about a graphic I’d seen in seminary while studying Wisdom Literature with Dr. Harrington at Boston College.  Song of Solomon is the most sensual and erotic of all the books of the Bible.  You’ll find within its pages a dialogue between two lovers.  If you read Song of Solomon chapters 4 and 7 literally, this is what the woman would look like.

In describing his lover, the man proclaims, “Look at you—so beautiful, my dearest! Look at you—so beautiful!  You are utterly beautiful, my dearest; there’s not a single flaw in you” (Song of Solomon 4:1 & 7, Common English Bible).  Forgive me if I’m not seeing it.

Our definitions of beauty are indeed subjective from generation to generation, place to place, and person to person.  What makes you proclaim, “You are so beautiful, so lovely— my love, delightful one!” (7:6)?  What do you find beautiful?