A Vital Church: ALL things new?

A week or so ago a good friend and fellow pastor (who blogs here) sent me the following video of Michael Gungor playing the “Doxology.”  He said it was “brilliant…creative…beautiful.”  I had to check it out.  He was right.

As I watched the video, I  was reminded of our need as Christians to re-interpret and proclaim anew the eternal love of God in refreshing and culturally relevant ways without losing the traditions that have sustained the church for centuries.  The challenge, at least for me, is to do this in ways that are real and not hokie or forced.

Scripture tells us that God is making all things new (Revelation 21:5).  New, however, does not necessarily mean unrecognizable.

What will it mean for the Church to proclaim the great love of God found in Jesus Christ now and into the future without forgetting our past?

What does a traditional, yet culturally relevant proclamation look like? sound like? feel like? is it multi-sensory?

If we can find ways of being fresh and new without forgetting our past, then I think we will surely see a vital and revitalized local and global Church.