I was reminded while mowing the grass…

by Jacob Juncker

I went out to mow my lawn yesterday morning.  I didn’t “have time” during Holy Week to get it done.  I mowed the front yard.  Then moved to the backyard where I ran out of gas.

This really got me thinking.

I got the publicly visible parts of my lawn trimmed and looking good, but I didn’t have enough gas to finish inside the fence.

How often do we expend all our resources in altering the outside, public parts of our lives and run out of gas when it comes to the inner life?

I know in my life, I often spend a lot of time making sure things look good on the outside.  It is here that I find myself exhausted to the point of not having enough energy to tend to the private, inner parts of my life.  The problem with this way of living is that tending exclusively to the exterior/public life does not result in holiness.  This was one of Jesus’ most poignant critiques of the Pharisees and teachers of the law (see Matthew 23:27-28).  And so, I was reminded while mowing my lawn yesterday morning that I need to be more intentional about working on my inner spiritual life.  In fact, I should probably mow inside the fence first before I tend to other parts of the lawn.


It is kind of ironic.  Just as I was finishing this post,  I received a notice on my front door from our home owner’s association.  It reads:

Dear homeowner,
Upon our inspection…it was noted that you are currently in violation of Article 7 Secion 7.7… This violation is in regards to “grass needs to be cut.”  You have 7 days to correct this violation or you will receive a second notice…

This notice was posted after I mowed the front yard!  Perhaps, I really should get off my butt, find the energy (through the grace of God), and tend to my inner, spiritual life–I mean,the grass on the inside of the fence…

For a fuller understanding of why tending to the inner, spiritual life is important, check out my earlier post, “One Thing is Necessary! Stop busying yourself with everything else.