We Need Each Other

by Jacob Juncker

A Lafayette pastor has recently been charged with voyeurism.  I heard about the story a few days ago.  His church sits just a few miles (if that) south of the church I currently serve.  The story is a sad one.  Especially as new details are learned each day.

My good friend and colleague has offered some excellent thoughts on his blog, Tuesdays with Morris.  Rather than rehash what he has already said, I’d like to make a general comment: we need one another.  And, we are mutually responsible for one another.  The United Methodist Book of Discipline–2008  (a riveting read in parts) reminds United Methodist communities of this:

¶ 219. Mutual Responsibility—Faithful discipleship includes the obligation to participate in the corporate life of the congregation with fellow members of the body of Christ. A member is bound in sacred covenant to shoulder the burdens, share the risks, and celebrate the joys of fellow members. A Christian is called to speak the truth in love, always ready to confront conflict in the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation.

We really do need one another.  We simply cannot live a meaningful life alone.  We are prone to do stupid (sinful) things.  Therefore, we depend upon one another to speak the truth in love and help keep us in line.  We need support, encouragement and accountability if we are to truly be the people (individually and corporately) God has called us to be.  Without support, encouragement, and accountability we easily “fall into temptation,” i.e. do some really stupid stuff that hurts ourselves and others.

In the end we are all messed up.  We all have our failures, mistakes, regrets…  We all do stupid stuff.  And, that is exactly why we need one another.  We need God’s grace and guidance as expressed through people.  With the support, encouragement, and accountability of messed up Christian friends, we all, regardless of how messed up we might be, can become the people God has called us to be: a people that are completely committed in love, through grace, to God and our neighbors next door and around the world.