A point of personal privilege.

by Jacob Juncker

Most business  meetings in The United Methodist Church use Robert’s Rules of Order.  Originally drafted in 1876 (now in the 11th printing), these “rules” of parliamentary procedure seem, most of the time, like an outdated method.  They often fail to properly guide our 21st century discussions and ways of being together.  Nevertheless, Robert’s Rules is the method we have implicitly agreed to use across the connexion.  So, in the spirit of Robert’s Rules…

A point of personal privilege, if you please.

On June 26, 2012, at 3:11 am, Chandra and I welcomed Stella Joan Bellamy Juncker into our family.  She is blessed with her mother’s beauty and she sneezes like her father.  I’m trying to catch a sneeze on video…HI-larious.  Stella is a long-awaited blessing!

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Thanks Christy Nelson Photography (Lafayette, IN), you did a great job on the photos!  And, thank you, reader, for allowing me this “point of personal privilege.”