…and that’s what it’s all about!

by Jacob Juncker

This week has been interesting for me to process.  As I stare down the end of my last week at Wesley United Methodist Church, I’m met with a mix of emotions.  The week has been full of meetings.  I have yet to finish packing the office.  And, there’s still several loose ends to tie up so that everything is in order for the next pastor.  And yet, for all the mixed emotions and craziness, the highlight of my week was watching the church welcome children for Vacation Bible School (VBS).

This was the second consecutive year we’ve done Vacation Bible School.  It was great to see an abundance of volunteers (this year) welcoming the children.  This evening, we celebrated the children and all they had learned at VBS with a cookout.  After we ate, the children sang.  It was beautiful.

Music was an important part of the week, I learned at the cookout that at the end of their music time each day, they’d sing a silly song: the “Hokie Pokie.”  They all but begged the music teacher to end tonight’s “concert” with their favorite silly song.

And, as I watched them sing and dance to their favorite silly song, I smiled and thought to myself “…that’s what it’s all about.”